Debt Collection

At the law office of SAMUEL & STEIN, we understand the value of your hard-earned money and your desire to collect all of the money that you are owed, not just a portion of it.  To maximize your chances of recovery, the sophisticated, aggressive, outside-the-box-thinking lawyers at our firm will strategize and zealously pursue your outstanding commercial receivables.  Our staff of experienced, tenacious attorneys and paralegals is well-acquainted with all areas of collection law, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and judgment enforcement.  We are committed to helping your business recover its money.

Our firm has successfully handled thousands of collection cases, ranging from matters involving only a few hundred dollars to high-stakes cases with multiple millions of dollars on the line.  Presently, we are the exclusive counsel for several companies whose only business is investing in, and collecting upon, debt.  We also serve as the collection attorneys for various professional services firms, including doctors’ practices.  Here is some of what we do to retrieve our clients’ receivables:

  • Thoroughly investigate debtors using state-of-the-art technology to determine whether they own any assets and whether they have attempted to secrete those assets to avoid paying you;
  • File lawsuits against debtors and aggressively pursue them until a judgment is obtained;
  • Sue debtors for fraudulent conveyance where they improperly transfer ownership interests in property to a friend or relative to make it seem as though they have no assets to pay you;
  • Serve bank subpoenas to uncover debtors’ accounts;
  • File liens to encumber property until your receivable is collected;
  • Effectuate property sales and income executions through marshals and sheriffs to satisfy judgments against debtors.

Your money is our business.  Your uncollected receivables are our ambition.  We look forward to putting our years of collection and judgment enforcement experience to work for you.

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