Fabulous Nevada Diner and Georgia Diner employees file minimum wage and overtime lawsuit


Former and current employees of Fabulous Nevada Diner and Georgia Diner, both located on Queens Boulevard in Elmhurst, have filed a proposed class action lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York, seeking money damages because the diners failed to pay them properly under federal and New York labor laws.  The lawsuit alleges that the Diners did not pay their employees – such as waiters, dishwashers, stockers, cleaners, food preparers, cooks, bussers, and parking attendants – minimum wages and overtime pay.   The case is entitled Andrew Kim, Gregorio Lopic, et al. v. Nevada Diner, Inc. d/b/a Fabulous Nevada Diner, Diskal, Inc. d/b/a  Georgia Diner, and Dimitrios Kaloidis  (14-cv-1484).


The plaintiffs are represented by Samuel & Stein and Pelton & Associates, P.C. These firms have successfully handled hundreds of wage-related cases, both on an individual and class action basis. Plaintiffs’ attorney David Stein stated, “We believe that Fabulous Nevada Diner and Georgia Diner have violated numerous provisions of the  labor laws because their employees worked long hours without receiving adequate and proper compensation.  Because Fabulous Nevada Diner and Georgia Diner have failed to follow the law, employees are entitled to receive their back wages as well as double-damages for defendants’ willful misconduct.”


In addition, Samuel & Stein is investigating the pay practices of two related diners located in Brooklyn – the Floridian Diner and the Arch Diner.


Additional information regarding the lawsuit can be found at Complaint – Kim and Lopic – Filed.


Samuel & Stein is actively seeking witnesses who can tell us about how any of these Diners operate.  If you or anyone you know has worked at any of these diners, please feel free to contact David Stein at (212) 563-9884 for a free, confidential, no-obligation consultation.  It does not matter whether you are documented.



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