No-Fault Arbitration

The law firm of SAMUEL & STEIN represents a wide variety of medical providers and accident victims in No-Fault litigation and arbitrations.  Because of our years of experience in the No-Fault arena, we are well-versed in No-Fault regulations and in the pertinent court decisions.  Pursuant to the regulations, our attorneys scrupulously review each file to ensure that all required documents are submitted with the initial No-Fault filing.

Michael Samuel, who heads the firm’s No-Fault practice, has been successfully handling No-Fault matters for more than 16 years.  Over the years, he has recovered millions of dollars in settlements and awards for his clients.  In addition to pursuing awards against insurance carriers for unpaid bills and lost wages, our firm zealously seeks to recover the 2% simple interest which is allowable under the No-Fault law, thereby maximizing the potential recovery for our clients.

Because SAMUEL & STEIN is known in No-Fault litigation circles, the firm has developed solid, professional working relationships with insurance carriers and their attorneys, enabling us to coordinate numerous large bulk settlements on terms favorable to our clients.  Furthermore, we regularly appear before No-Fault arbitrators who are familiar with our lawyers and with their persuasive and compelling legal arguments.

While past successes are not necessarily indicators of future results, the law firm of SAMUEL & STEIN legitimately can boast of a wealth of experience in this specialized area of the law.  Our team of legal professionals has the resolve and the know-how to assist you in recovering your No-Fault damages.

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