“… I’ve endured all kinds of professional relationships with attorneys over the decades, some difficult, some explosive and most dysfunctional. Michael Samuel, however, is like the warm light at the end of the tunnel to which one is drawn in times of need or despair. Michael is passionate about his work, professional, very experienced, and he genuinely cares about his clients in a personal way that is unheard of in the trade. Truly this man is an endangered species. Michael represented me successfully in a very difficult litigation matter recently against a team of opposing lawyers and never once did I feel the need to look over his shoulder. Clearly I have been blessed. – T.L

“I cannot thank The Law Office of Samuel & Stein for what the have done for me. The way attorney Michael Samuel handled my overtime case is remarkable and he somehow managed to get me a very reasonable claim amount which was almost unbelievable.”Paul H.


I have known Michael Samuel Esq. for the past 29 years.  He has represented me on several personal credit card debt matters as well as corporate matters.  Michael Samuel has negotiated on my behalf and has saved me over $200k dollars.  Michael Samuel is an astute attorney with a wealth of knowledge.  He has an acute business acumen and he is compassionate.  – J.F

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