Two Important Reasons Why To Hire a New York City Tax Resolution Attorney

Owe the IRS?  Here Are Two Reasons Why Your Should Call a New York City Tax Resolution Attorneys

It is no secret that the tax code and law is very complicated, and it is also not much of a surprise that the IRS is said to be the most powerful debt collector in the world.  So it should be obvious that, when you are facing a tax liability where you owe money to the IRS, you really need to retain outside assistance to help you navigate the complicated matrix of tax laws.  There are two important reasons why you should hire a tax resolution lawyer.

However, some people are embarrassed to admit a tax problem, and others do not have money to pay for representation—after all, they wouldn’t be in this situation if they had the money to get out of it.  Some people rather hire a tax preparer or CPA because they are cheaper than a tax attorney.  However, here are two important reasons why you should hire a New York City tax resolution attorney like the ones at SAMUEL & STEIN instead to protect your rights.

Important Reason One: You Can Use the Attorney-Client Relationship to Your Protection

Whenever a client retains an attorney, there is an attorney-client privilege which cloaks all conversations between the client and attorney.  This is absolutely important because, unlike a CPA or tax preparer who could be called or subpoenaed to testify against you, your tax resolution attorney cannot be called to testify against you in a matter involving a tax debt to the IRS.

This is critically important to know because, even if you have serious deficiencies and errors on your tax returns—even errors you intentionally caused by trying to avoid paying taxes—you can still freely tell you attorney of these problems without worrying that the attorney will ever have to divulge this information to the IRS.  This means you can even admit to crimes that you may have committed, intentionally or unintentionally, and your attorney can process this information and advise you of the best path to resolve your problems.

If your tax resolution attorney has all of this information, he or she can make informed decisions while reviewing the complete picture.  Your attorney can also position you better for possible future litigation and even help protect you from possible lawsuits in other areas of law that a tax preparer or CPA simply cannot.  This could include criminal law, divorce law, corporate law, family law, estate law (wills and trusts), and other areas.  Therefore, if your case may possibly involve any of those issues, if you just hired and paid a tax preparer or CPA before one of these issues arose, you would then have to also hire and pay a lawyer.  Why not just hire the lawyer to start and save the added expenses?

Important Reason Two: The IRS is Adversarial, You Need Someone Trained in That Process

The IRS is adversarial, pushy, and very aggressive.  Threats of incarceration, litigation, and other penalties are common.  While a tax preparer and CPA may be experienced in handling tax disputes with the IRS, and even negotiating settlements, neither of them have the training, experience, and ability of a tax resolution attorney.  Courts of law by their inherent nature are adversarial, and all attorneys are taught from the very start of law school to handle situations where someone is making the same threats of incarceration, litigation, and penalties directly against you.  A tax resolution attorney is simply more experienced with this process.

Additionally, as noted above, your taxes may involve more than just issues about money.  These tax deficiencies and liabilities may arise due to a divorce or family matter, wherein a tax preparer and CPA will have very little knowledge of how a court will equitably divide assets in a divorce or resolve child custody/support in the “best interests of the child.”  There are actually entire classes on law school just examining the “best interests of the child” standard, which is something that is well-beyond what a tax preparer and CPA can competently handle, but a tax resolution could.

In addition, the IRS may threaten criminal offenses or incarceration for severe tax debts.  Would you rather have your freedom protected by a tax preparer and CPA, or a licensed attorney who also spends a semester in law school on criminal offenses and criminal procedure?  The choice is simple why a tax resolution attorney should be retained in this area.

Owe the IRS Money?  Call a New York City Tax Resolution Attorney to Ensure ALL of Your Rights are Protected.

There is a lot that goes into tax resolution and it can be a complicated maze with many pitfalls.  Call our experienced attorneys at Samuel & Stein today to learn how we can help you successfully navigate this matrix of tax laws and achieve financial freedom by dialing (646) 480-2149 or use the convenient “Evaluate Now” box on our webpage.  Together we can help answer your questions and protect your rights.

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